Sunday, November 21, 2010

fade into you

Over the last month, I owe all of my discoveries of new and not so new music to a pale little person from my hometown of Maracaibo, whose knowledge and open mind about personal stuff is amazing me by the minute. It is someone that's becoming to be very special to me.

Enough sappyness...

One of his best kept secrets, which i'm going to reveal just this once (sorry dear) is Mazzy Star, a dream pop outfit from Santa Monica, California, made up mainly by guitarrist David Roback and vocalist Hope Sandoval. My friend and I played a little game of making mixtapes for each other, showcasing one of our favourite artists. I chose the Supremes and went all intense by making an almost 70-track mixtape. Then this friend sent to me some songs of Mazzy Star and it was instant love. These are songs that aren't meant to be hard and sweaty, these are profound songs of longing, acceptance and adoration, evoking nostalgia, due to the heartfelt voice of Hope and the overall arrangements.

Since next weekend i'll be on a trip to Maracaibo, i'll be sure to make Mazzy Star a part of the soundtrack to it. Enjoy this one as well.

MP3: Mazzy Star - Fade Into You