Friday, December 31, 2010

looking back on the year already gone...

It's almost four hours left for those dreadful but hopeful bells to ring, indicating us that it's midnight, the beginning of a brand new 12-month period for everybody to enjoy. It is only fair to dedicate a part of this few hours to look back at what we lived during the year. And what a year it has been for me. Not much has changed: i still have my family alive and well and my work is as stressful as always, but I had a huge personal awakening, partly thanks to my travelings overseas. My experiences in London, Paris and Barcelona with my bestie Luchicha gave me a lot to think about my future plans, about my desire to try new things in a new environment. Not that I hate being here, but the situation that we're all in is not exactly very inspiring, to be bluntly honest. The whole world is out there, and I know that is waiting for me. Somehow, someday, I will be able to respond to the world's wishes. My heart also had a quite turbulent year, it got elevated to the highest highs and dropped into the most depressing lows, but all in all, I've gone through. My determination and persevarence, those are the things that keep me standing and going. All is not lost, and I'm quite content about that. After all, i'm still young and there's a lot of living to do.

Corniness aside, I've had a fantastic 2010, and to that I have to thank every living and animated being that had surrounded me all year long. My wishes for 2011? Being alive I guess, travel some more, fall in love again, who knows? Still, i'm looking forward for all of it. Bring it on!

That being said, I hope you all have a great new year and may all your wishes come true. See you all soon!

(the picture may or may not have anything to do with new year's celebration, but it ranks as one of the best i took during the year, so it stays. damn it)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

the one with the banksy film and the french guy...

Art is all around us. We see it everywhere but mostly, in recent years. we see it in the streets, accesible for the whole world to appreciate. I've noticed street art, but never went deep into it, never quite cared for it, until today that is.

I just came back from an art gallery with two good friends, Luchicha and Juanduh. After getting lost in an uncertain area of the city, we finally got to that art gallery for a very special occasion, a screening of Banksy's "Exit Through the Gift Shop" film. I'm seriously lost for words about this one. It's one hell of a documentary and it has many layers to it, since it's not all about street art and its main figures (Space Invaders, Shepard Fairey and Banksy himself) but also about a man that started from scratch and became bigger than his mentors, Thierry Guetta aka Mr. Brainwash. It took me minutes (90 to be exact) to realize that his work is indeed popular and quite iconic, after all Madonna commanded him to do the cover for the "Celebration" CD.

I really loved this documentary and also the song that goes along with it, just brilliant I say. It made my whole pre-xmas week. By the way, if I don't catch you all by then, merry xmas and a happy new year to all :)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

those dancing days are here again

Sweden is far from being underestimated when it comes to music. After all, it's the birthplace to one of the greatest acts in history (you don't want me to tell you the 4-letter name of that act). It is also the place for an ongoing wave of young talents, destined to get out of the freezy scandinavian weather and into the global scope of pop and rock.

Take notice on Indie outfit Those Dancing Days. Formed in 2005, this five-piece group of keaboardist Lisa, guitarrist Rebecka, basist Mimmi, drummer Cissi and superb vocalist Linnea has been turning heads thanks to their alternative sound and cute but energetic pressence on stage. They have one EP as well as a full lenght album on Whichita Recordings ("In Our Space Hero Suits") and next March will be the release of their second, still untitled. For this occasion, by a simple glimpse of new single "Fuckarias", they are slowly walking away from their sweet Twee tunes, replacing them with a harder, richer feeling, still maintaning loyal to rock details.

It's a coming-of-age period for these swedish birds, and it might be just the beginning.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

songs i'm most obssesed about: new order's bizarre love triangle

Growing up on radio and cassettes, it's far to obvious to deny my love for the music of the 80's. Whether it was good or bad, awesome or terrible, there's something about the music of that era that moves me like no other. It makes me sing, it makes me dance, it takes me back to places I thought I tucked inside my brain.

One of my first memories of 80s music is Shep Pettibone, producer and a very good friend of a one Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone. Everything he touches screams the 1980's and that's not exactly a bad thing. Any production in which he was involved is an instant favorite for me and one of his most remarkable works, not to mention a total radio classic, is his 1987 remix of New Order's "Bizarre Love Triangle"

I don't care for any other remixes, I don't even care about Frente's cover (although it's quite sweet), the original Shep Pettibone remix is a must for the soundtrack of my life, and it's also my introduction to New Order, followed by the equally great "True Faith". It's industrial, edgy, disturbing, close to being dark and on top of it all, extremely dancey, enough to bust a move at every time this one is played. The video, directed by Robert Longo, is as intriguing as the song itself, just iconic and visually imponent.

Do I really have to go on much further than this? This is a classic, period. End of post.