Wednesday, November 10, 2010

nothin' but a teengirl fantasy

Nick Weiss and Logan Takahashi seem to be two young americans who are just about to graduate and have a profound love for music. In reality, however, these are geniuses whose dark imagination travels them to the worlds of R&B, hip-hop, club music and even strange psychedelic nostalgia. Their sound is truly an unique trance-like experience where the body and the mind are forced to react to such explosion: they can be as tender or reflective as they want to be, but they can also turn the record upside down and create house bangers that will most likely to be the soundtrack to young girls (and boys) fantasies everywhere in the upcoming year.

MP3: Teengirl Fantasy - Cheaters

ps: please make sure to find their "7AM" EP, visit their official website and also follow them on Facebook and Myspace

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