Thursday, January 6, 2011

tale of two houses

Here we are back again on 2011, so excited about this year but I won't say a word, you'll figure it out in a couple of months. In the meantime, hope you enjoyed the holidays with the old folks, but while we are on the xmas subject, I somehow don't understand how people could: a) spend that special occasion on their own or b) with a party destroying themselves out. Those are things I could not put my finger on. Call me silly, or just plain dull, but my kind of Christmas is dressed from top to bottom, with a drink in my hand, and being with my family in a nice and cozy place called home. I could spend all the best time I want over there, sometimes without lifting a finger, and have a ball. Interesting enough, "house" is the connection for my mp3 freebies today, a pair of views on the topic by two greats: my darling Diana Ross and the new stuff from Hercules and Love Affair, who's second album is expected to drop late in the month and it's bound to shake some booties with its cool 90's inspired house music. Come on in!

MP3: Diana Ross - It's My House

Hercules & Love Affair - My House by Freeman PR

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