Saturday, January 29, 2011

me and my third eye

I've never been fond of this so-called current of "World Music": marked influences from all over the world, made in a western context or scenario. I wouldn't deny, however, the interesting factor of it, discovering or rediscovering sounds buried in historic places. I was talking to a friend from London, and in all of our conversations he tries to challenge me on which songs of his childhood I haven't heard before. He scored with this song by Sheila Chandra, not only it is hardcore "World Music" but it uses some of the instrumental techniques of the time (1982), making it sound as good as any other pop/rock/new wave record.

Not the typical bollywood number, I'm afraid. It's not even kitsch, so at the end, it's better off that way.

MP3: Monsoon featuring Sheila Chandra - Ever So Lonely

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