Sunday, May 2, 2010

unexpected lovers, sorta

For Rock purists, Disco Music died in mid-1979 due to its horrible excess in mainstream media. For many other people, Disco never died, it just morphed into innovative genres that have stood the test of time. Some of those genres introduced electronic beats into the forefront, and there's where Lime comes in. This band was the brainchild of Denis and Denyse LePage. There is very little information about the husband and wife duo other than the fact that both released a couple of records before being signed by Unidisc Records in 1980 and they were forced to be replaced in live performances by two younger and more attractive singers. A year later, in 1981, their debut single and album "Your Love" came out and became an instant dance classic. Two other records later, they juggled between Disco, Dance, House, Hi-NRG and electronic music, making excelent tunes before fading from popularity in the late 80s. Though Denis LePage got divorced and still made albums under the name Lime (the latest was 2002's Love Fury), they are most regarded as one of the best and most underrated pop groups of the early eighties.

MP3: Lime - Your Love
MP3: Lime - Come and Get Your Love
MP3: Lime - Guilty
MP3: Lime - Angel Eyes

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