Monday, May 17, 2010


It's been a while since I logged on into myspace. I rarely use it, and basically, my use for it now is similar to an old record player: it's dusty but it's there, and everytime that I can, I check out to see if it works. Today it has, fortunately, as a band I haven't heard of just added me. And thank goodness it has. The name is Rescue Cat, and the info about it is pretty scarce. Maybe there lies the beauty of it all, the intrigue and mystery wrapped up in the form of a feline animal who was "found" in North London in '06, only to be surrounded by synths, drum machines and computer sounds that recall early greatness of the sorts of New Order and Hot Chip. After a few local gigs, the band caught the attention of a music mogul (whoever that is) and is currently in the works for its debut EP, coming out soon. In the meantime, here's some goodies and an eclectic mixtape courtesy of Rescue Cat.

MP3: Rescue Cat – £10 Bag
MP3: Rescue Cat – Tom Is My Only Friend
MP3: Rescue Cat – Under your colors (Lalory Rock haha mix)

Meow Mixtape:

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Luchi*cha said...

Tom doesn't want to be my friend!:(

La bajé y no se escuchó. Bueno sí, pero que si 4 segundos :(