Friday, May 21, 2010

from berlin with love, ellen

Germany is going through a bad period these days. Its government has just approved a rescue plan to save the eurozone from economic disaster, a major setback/consecuence of the actual crisis. Long gone is the era of excess and debauchery that caracterized Germany and most european countries many years ago. Fortunately, excess, mixed with elegance is very much alive thanks to Berlin's own Ellen Allien. Evidence: her brand new cd, "Dust". Being the consumated and experienced electronic diva that she is since the late 80s, Ellen pulls out all the stops on her production work into this, her 6th studio album, described by herself as a "warm inmediacy" compared to her past releases. And what a warm affair it is. Listening to "Dust" as a whole feels like an extended dream, with champagne, street lights, foam, smoke, chic-ness and excitement. The kind of thing a heavenly runway show would be made of, considering her place in fashion industry as well. I've never been a confesed fan of Minimal, Techno or IDM, but even though her music falls right in the alleys of these genres, it's pretty much one of the best music offerings i've heard so far this year (I do have to note that one of the songs, "Huibuh" sounded a bit off, too tropical for me and that just broke my eurofantasy to pieces. But we won't get into that, just enjoy and turn on to this)

MP3: Ellen Allien - Flashy Flashy
MP3: Ellen Allien - Ever
MP3: Ellen Allien - Sun the Rain
MP3: Ellen Allien - You
MP3: Ellen Allien - Our Utopie

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