Tuesday, May 18, 2010

sky's the limit

Usually, my skills to spot and showcase new interesting talents never fails, but somehow I missed 17 year old Sky Ferreira along the way. But it's not that she's not that interesting, it's just that i'm ditsy, that's all (i admit it). Luckily, my trusty bestie Luchicha was just around the corner to inform me about the new girl in town and frankly, i'm impressed by both sound and vision. She sings and looks way beyond her teenage years, all of which is actually a very good thing. She has "teenage wasteland" written all over her little forehead AND she appeared in a video with the ultimate wild child, Uffie. It's the kind of street cred Ke$ha wishes she had. Sky is currently in the works on her debut with EMI with Paul Epworth, Bloodshy & Avant, Dallas Austin and many other and she's rumored to be allied with miss Britney Spears on a 90s-style electro track produced by Cisco Adler, but even though she collaborates, she has the ability to make the songs of others her own, like her delicate and slightly haunting version of Miike Snow's "Animal". Sky Ferreira is the kind of artist that is destined to hit stardom and tabloids at the same time and, like I said, that's actually a very good thing. Pass the hype and enjoy the sounds of Sky.

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Luchi*cha said...

Vamos a agradecerle a Style.com, que además de moda, nos da great music :)