Saturday, July 10, 2010

kiddie disco!

Oh the quiet life of a youngster. Playing with action toys, Barbies, G.I. Joe's and cars. Running around like they cared less, destroying everything in sight. Watching cool cartoon shows and getting a bad F mark on school. In every kid's mind is the desire and enjoyment of being just a kid and not dealing with the trials and tribulations of adults. They'd rather live on the NOW, dreaming of being teachers and doctors, than handling careers of their own, doing exactly what grownups do. Don't really know much if singing (and particularly, singing disco) was the first thing on the minds of Stacy Lattisaw and Freddie James, but they sure stepped out of anonymity by making their fellow kiddies, and people in general, moving their feets off to their non-threatening boogie oogie oogie odes about puppy love, lights and, of course, dancing. Kudos to them, and kudos to you if you want to join in!

MP3: Stacy Lattisaw - Jump to the Beat
MP3: Freddie James - Don't Turn Your Back on Love

Bonus MP3: Disney - Disco Mickey Mouse

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