Saturday, July 3, 2010

girly foursome

Two of them are wild songstresses from the 80s. Two are wild songstresses from the 00's. One was a aspiring actress who got her start at both film and music in a cult and obscure movie. One was discovered by Malcolm Mclaren to promote his and Vivienne Westwood's clothing, causing controversy posing naked for an album cover at the tender age of 15. One is a DJ, producer and singer, lover of electro, deep house, techno and dubtronica, who hosted music shows on polish radio and actually runs her own collective and record label. And One is an emerging young new talent, recent from her Glastonbury gig, looking to find her way into the ever evolving world of pop. All of them are from Europe, all of them women and proud of it. Clockwise, it's Hazel O' Connor, Annabella Lwin from Bow Wow Wow, Novika and Ruby Goe. Enjoy!.

MP3: Hazel O' Connor - Will You
MP3: Bow Wow Wow - Go Wild in the Country
MP3: Novika - Mother's Duty
MP3: Ruby Goe - Built This House

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