Sunday, April 3, 2011

rumore, rumore...

In his liner notes for the ultra-excellent "Disco Discharge: Euro Beats" CD, Alan Jones, co-author of "Saturday Night Fever: the story of Disco" named Raffaella Roberta Pelloni (better known as Raffaella Carrà) as an "Eurotrash gay icon". Wiser words have never been said. This all singing/all dancing Italian bombshell has been shaking heads and waists since the early 70s with her high spirited and over-the-top camp numbers, so it's no wonder that the gay community has stood by her all these years, uplifting the woman into the "icon" category she truly deserves.

Choosing a Carrà favorite is a hard task, specially when there are so many good songs. People would prefer the latin infused "Maracaibo" or "Hay que venir al sur", but the one that's close to me is the rocking singalong madness that is "Rumore". I don't know about the lyrics, and honestly I rather not know, I don't want to throw away the fun about this mad tune.

Here's a treat of "Rumore", performed with tight-clad boys and girls on Spanish TV. Goditi!

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