Monday, February 22, 2010

holiday playlist

dieWs here reporting in a bundle of emotions state. Happy, ecstatic, excited, anxious, nervous. The reason for such madness is that me and my best friend Luchicha from Boquitas Pintadas will be travelling across the ocean to the "old continent". It's a cross-country experiment: from Caracas we'll fly go to London, then to Paris (by Eurostar), followed by a trip to Stockholm and finally Barcelona. I'm still incertain about the Inmigration point (especially in Madrid) but since we have all the paperwork done, we shouldn't have much trouble.

I got to be so frantic about this vacation period that i've made a special Holiday playlist on my ipod, worth the hours of travel we'll be spending in just a couple of days. I wouldn't publish all the 500 songs on it but here are 6 of my favorites:

MP3: The Cardigans - Carnival
MP3: Indeep - Last Night A DJ Saved My Life
MP3: KiT - Animals
MP3: Palenke Soultribe - Palenke From The Jungle (Oro Remix)
MP3: Alizeé - Limelight
MP3: Radiohead - No Surprises

I'll be writing very shortly after my arrival posting some thoughts and photos.
See you all in a month!

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