Saturday, September 11, 2010

le freak, c'est CHIC

Did i tell you guys already that disco will never ever ever die? Well if i have, than this is another testament of it. The greatest disco band of all time, CHIC, is coming alive once more with the release of a luxe box set called "Nile Rodgers Presents The CHIC Organization Vol. 1: Savoir Faire". This long waited release will get its due on October 18 and will showcase the classic era of Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards' pristine productions, not only for their own band but for other performers such as Diana Ross, Debbie Harry, Sister Sledge, Sheila B. Devotion and more. The 4CD set will also include some unreleased tracks by funky keyboard player Fonzi Thornton as well as some awesome remixes by the king himself, Dimitri From Paris (he already put out a teaser or his rework on Norma Jean's "Saturday", which is pretty EPIC for a 2 minute clip. I would not imagine the rest of it).

If you don't have any idea who CHIC is, it's never too late to find out (actually, their biggest hit, "Le Freak" has been on countless films such as Shrek 2, and the baseline for "Good Times" has been influential enough to have Queen boogie and to land the foundations for today's hip hop tracks).

Norma Jean - Saturday Teaser Intro by WarnerMusicFR

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