Monday, August 2, 2010

music for chamaleons

I've always had a thing for that strange smokey persona that is the enigmatic Gary Numan. The pale face, black eyeliner, the suits, it's an imagery that evoques artistic imposition, theatricality and an alternative point of view. Overall, it was a very distintive style that, blended with his haunting electrobeats, influenced a world of musicians, from The Killers, to Nine Inch Nails to GaGa (even if she doesn't try to admit it).

Although he's most known for his 79 hit song "Cars", there's so much more to this man: his tours and albums are one of a kind and quite diverse (his sound is eminently electronic but he also flirted with synthpop and jazz, while his concerts could go from a rave to a down right industrial freak show), he married the president of his fan club and he's a certified pilot. Go figure!

MP3: Gary Numan + Tubeway Army - Are Friends Electric?
MP3: Gary Numan - I Die: You Die
MP3: Gary Numan - We Are Glass
MP3: Gary Numan - Music for Chamaleons
MP3: Gary Numan - We Take Mystery (To Bed)

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