Tuesday, June 22, 2010

magic, fire and romance...by max skiba

It's obvious by now that i haven't posted in a long long time, by counted reasons: 1) lack of time, 2) lack of interest, 3) lack of interesting things to share that hasn't been shared before, or had in rare occasions. Thank god there's myspace and the weirdos that live in it, i'm alive again. Please witness exhibit A: Maximilian Skiba. Most of us would not recall his name but we probably would have danced or tripped out to some of his songs, and if you haven't, you're never too late for it. This polish guy debuted on the scene in '05 and since then he's been out and about putting glamour into the dancefloor with 3 EPS and numerous remixes. His artistry doesn't stop there, as he is quite a mastermind of aliases: The KDMS, Lucy Montenegro and King of Kong are some of his parallel projects and are just as good as the original one. In an european territory so full and rich of musical history, Max belongs to the greats of them. If you ever wondered what kind of music he'd be playing at a club or a festival, just take a peek at his heavy baggage of influences, noted on his myspace page:

that should do it, right? please enjoy

Magic Fire and Romance Medley Mix (September 09) by max skiba

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